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Menu Plan Monday - October 15-19, 2012

You may have noticed that I haven't posted any menu plans for the weekends. That's because I don't do a lot of planning! On Saturdays, I spend the day with my two-year-old grandchildren. Lunches are kid-friendly at one house or the other and supper is usually finger food like chicken nuggets. Occasionally, Papa and I will go out to dinner after we turn the grandkids over to their parents.

Saturday is also the day that I pick up fresh fruit and vegetables from Bountiful Baskets Food Co-op which I joined a couple of weeks ago. The variety has been very good, but the quantity is difficult for us to eat up when it's just the two of us here at home. I'm going to freeze some for later so I don't have to throw away spoiled food, but one must also take food out of the freezer. Obviously I'll need to skip a week with the co-op every so often to avoid a lethal build-up of produce.

At any rate, after I bring my treasure home, I'm trying to plan meals around what I received. The contents of each week's conventional (or organic) basket is not known in advance. It's so much fun to show up at the distribution point and discover what has been delivered. Themed add-on packs are offered from time to time and you know—sort of—what to expect.

On Sunday, I'm usually eager to dig into something from the veggie distribution, and then we will eat our other meal at a nearby restaurant. Today, for example, I made a lovely stir fry with some of the bok choy and napa cabbage received in this week's Veggie Lovers Pack - Asian Theme add-on. Hubby suggested that for supper we try out the new Cowboy Chicken which just opened in Denton. Given that the first thing I saw on their web site was blackberry cobbler, he didn't have to do a lot of convincing.

For the rest of the week, I'm going to try to cook at home for either lunch or dinner—or both—but I don't have too high of expectations. This is what sounds good to me right now:

Monday: 15 October
-- chicken stew with dumplings, spinach salad with strawberries

Tuesday: 16 October
-- stuffed cabbage leaves

Wednesday: 17 October
-- pulled pork sandwiches

Thursday: 18 October
-- baked potatoes topped with taco beef

Friday: 19 October
-- chicken quesadillas

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