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KOM September

KOM kit preview As I mentioned in my previous post, I've joined the PSP Scrapbooking Newsgroup over at Corel. I finally got all my stuff put together into a decent preview and posted the elements to the newsgroup.

The kit consists of only a few unique items. I replicated some of them in all the challenge colors just while I was working along.

Technical information:

All of the elements were designed to be approximately life-sized at 200 pixels per inch. The paper clips are 1.5 inches long, brads and eyelets are 3/8 inch.

The tiles were made using Mura's Cloud 2.2 filter plug-in. It's freeware and you can download from

I used a tutorial at to make the pearl which is also 3/8 inch at 200 pixels per inch.

The brads were simply circles with various inner bevel effects applied. The eyelets started with a lower-case 'o' from the Century Gothic font and then I applied an inner bevel effect. The paper clips started with a shape that I created in PSE4 and exported as a PNG file. I use the color replacer function and then apply an inner bevel effect.

I made the ric racs and wrote my tutorial as I was going. I've posted the tutorial at I plan to add a tutorial on how to twist two ric racs together.

So, the kit contains:

  • 3 tiles for making background papers
  • 1 gradient
  • 1 pearl made from the gradient
  • 6 small ric racs
  • 6 large ric racs
  • 1 twisted ric rac
  • 12 brads
  • 6 eyelets
  • 8 paper clips

All the items except the gradient can be used with any graphics software program.

Tags: digiscrapping, scrapbook kits, scrapbooking

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