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Bout of Books — Day 4

Bout of Books Bout of Books Day 4 :: 22 August 2013

Yay! I found some time to read on Thursday!

Like Monday, Thursday was a travel day. When I arrived at the airport, roughly an hour before my scheduled departure, I found that the flight was delayed. So, I sat in the plastic chair in the airport, reading while I waited. I read all during the flight as well as reading in the car all the way from the airport to home. All-in-all, I finished reading Little Fuzzy and made quite a bit of progress with Flesh of the God. I only read a couple of pages in A Killer Read, since I only pulled it out during take-off and landing when I wasn't allowed to be using an electronic reader.


  • Flesh of the God, page 11
  • A Killer Read, page 96
  • Little Fuzzy, page 15


  • Flesh of the God, page 64
  • A Killer Read, page 112
  • Little Fuzzy, page 155

Bout of Books :: Day 4 summary

Books read today: 3
Books finished today: 1
Pages read today: 209
Total books finished: 2
Total pages read: 584

Little Fuzzy by H Beam Piper Flesh of the God by Lauren Haney A Killer Read by Erika Chase

Tags: books, bout of books, read-a-thon, reading

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