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Reading Challenges

GoodReads-status_2013-12-09In years past, I've signed up for several challenges. I find that they are fun to keep me motivated, but when I join too many, I lose focus. So in 2013, I only took on two challenges. The first was the annual Reading Challenge at Goodreads (mirrored over at BookObsessed) and the other was a Series challenge at BookObsessed. I'm going to be pushed to meet my goal of 150 books for the year, but I think I can still accomplish it. The series challenge is not going as well.

At the beginning of the year, I listed 9 series that I wanted to complete (or at least read through all the published books). I've finished two of those series. I have, however, finished 13 other series, most of which were started before 2013. I'm also making progress in another 16 series. Of course, the authors for some of these series have books coming out in the first quarter of 2014, so I'm only temporarily caught up.

I'm now busy looking at challenges for 2014. Since many of these allow for overlap, I can sign up for the Goodreads 2014 challenge as well as You Read How Many Books? with exactly the same goal—which I think will be 150 again. I'm also looking at a TBR challenge which encourages me to read books which have been sitting on my shelf or locked in my Kindle for at least a year and a Library challenge to motivate me to read more books from the library instead of purchasing them. Actually, this year I've use the library to help me complete a number of series, which is why this particular challenge caught my eye.

My regular book blog is still offline. I need to track down the current webmaster and transfer my domain to another server so I can get it back online.


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