gee_elsi (gee_elsi) wrote,

Another meme

I didn't get tagged for this one; I saw it over on Mindy's blog when reading her archives:

  • I am: older than I ever thought I would ever be.

  • I want:

  • I wish:

  • I hate:

  • I miss:

  • I fear:

  • I hear:

  • I wonder:

  • I regret:

  • I am not:

  • I dance:

  • I sing:

  • I cry:

  • I’m not always:

  • I make with my hands:

  • I write:

  • I confuse:

  • I need:

  • I should:

  • I start:

  • I finish:

  • I tag:

Tags: meme
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