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Today I joined the Embodiment community here at LiveJournal. The collective goal is to write something each and every day in a paper journal. I started one of these a couple of years ago; but I had never developed the "diary" habit when I was younger. I did actually complete a book and move into a second one. (I like using the medium-sized Watson-Guptill sketchbooks that I pick up at any bookstore such as Barnes & Noble or Borders.) But, I rarely write in my journal unless I'm sitting in the airplane! That little drop-down "desk" is kind of nice; much more so than writing in my lap and I don't really have a desk in the house.

I noticed that the LiveJournal group has a corresponding photo/image group at Flickr, so I joined the group in anticipation that I might want to share a page or two with the community. While I was there, I browsed lots of photos, including the Moleskinerie group, which I also joined.

Of course ... this means I have to quit writing in my blog and go write something in my paper journal. (Well, after I start the split pea and ham soup.)