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Lunch - 2007/03/22

No photo today -- I ate it before I decided to blog it.

Today, I ate left-over Sweet and Sour Chicken with rice. But, this wasn't your usual S/S Chicken.

Last weekend, Steven and I took off cross country for Richardson (another of the many towns surrounding Dallas and Fort Worth) trying to find the Japanese grocery that I had read about on the Internet. Of course, I didn't write down the name of the store or its address, but I sort-of remembered that it was located near the intersection of US75 and Belt Line Road.

When we got to that area, there was a small shopping center with a number of stores and restaurants, so we decided to check it out. Apparently we were at the heart of the DFW area's Indian shopping area. There were Sari shops, Indian groceries, Indian restaurants, etc. No Japanese grocery, though. Since it was lunchtime, I suggested that we get lunch right away and then try to find the Japanese grocery.

Steven wasn't interested in Indian cuisine, but he did agree to Chinese, so we slipped into Bombay Chinese Restaurant. The name and the fact that our host and waitress were all Indian should have been a clue. They actually had both Indian and Chinese dishes on the menu, so I ordered a simple curry plate with both rice & noodles. Steven ordered the Sweet & Sour Chicken with rice.

It wasn't sweet and it wasn't sour. It was spicy. One might say it was hot. The seasoning was more along the lines of a Thai red curry than the stereotypical gooey sweet & sour. Needless to say, there were a lot of left-overs.

So, I transferred the dish from the take-home container into a bowl and warmed it in the microwave. I stirred in some "sweet" by adding just a small bit of Splenda. I wanted to eat it with some yougurt, but we didn't have any plain in the house, so instead I set out a small dish of Ranch dressing and grabbed the rest of the raw carrots to dip into the dressing. Dessert was a cup of strawberries (tossed with the rest of the Splenda since they were on the tart side).

All-in-all, a healthy luncheon for a work-at-home day, but nothing spectacular.


P.S. We came home without finding the Japanese grocery. I still want to find some furikake.

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