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Why lunch posts?

So why am I posting entries about my lunches?

I suppose one reason is that I recently discovered Bentos and Bento boxes -- Japanese style lunches and lunchboxes where the appearance of the meal takes on as much importance as the food itself. I'm following the Bentoboxes group at Flickr as well as the bentolunch community here at LiveJournal.

Now, given that I travel a great deal and work at home most of the time when I'm in town, I don't have as much opportunity to tote a lunch along as some others. In fact, when I'm working at home, we're as likely to go out for lunch as to make something here at the house. But, there are several weeks when I'll be teaching right here in Texas that I could carry my lunch instead of purchasing something in the diner. Therefore, I'm acquiring some plastic boxes in which to carry my meals and I'm thinking about what dishes would pack well.

One thing I've done is to freeze some take-home left-overs into portions easy to include in a lunchbox. Tomorrow, I'm making meatloaf for dinner and will make/bake some individual portions in the muffin tins. These will certainly carry well. Since I really like fresh fruits, I'll want to make sure plenty of those are on hand the weeks that I will be carrying my lunches.

That said, what did I have for lunch today? It's a meatless Friday, so Steven and I went to Wimpy's and got baked potatoes. Mine was topped with sour cream and salsa, and I added a small tossed salad. Steven chose a taco topping that included shredded lettuce and tomatoes, so he passed on the salad. I only used a small portion of the Ranch dressing that came with my salad, and since it was in a resealable container, I brought the rest home with me for a future lunchbox.

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