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Shopping in Atlanta

On Thursday, I stopped by Super H Mart in Duluth. The store carried an amazing variety of foods for any and all "Asian" cuisines. I just wandered through the store looking at all the things I could buy. I had a couple of significant inhibitors other than not wanting to spend too much money:

  • I won't go back to Texas until next week, so any food that I bought had to be shelf-stable rather than needing refrigeration.
  • I'm not willing to buy a really big package of something that I'm not sure I'll eat

So, with bento lunches in mind, there were a couple of things that I really wanted to find. First of all, I wanted to get some furikake to go onto or into my rice. Secondly, I wanted to find some supplies -- in particular a two or three tier bento box and some small containers for mayonnaise or other sauces.

Bento Shopping

This is what I took away from the store. Several bags of furikake in various flavors and two bottles of furikake for cooking or use at the table. I got a tube of wasabi paste, some pocky (chocolate!), and some tomato-flavored crackers. Since I'm also learning to cook Indian foods, I picked up a box of Sambhar mix to go with the Idlies I'm learning to make.

On the supplies side, I was disappointed in the bento boxes available. They were all single tier boxes. The pink one was really cute for a little girl. One was black, industrial styles, and very good for a man. (The "Dear Label" box in Biggie's photo.) And the third choice was a green one that I've seen online a lot. Right now I'm sorry I didn't take pictures in the store. They did have several of the Mr. Bento, Ms. Bento, and imitation jar systems available.

Heading back to my hotel from Super H Mart, I stopped at 99 Ranch on Buford Highway in Doraville. Again, lots and lots of food. Their housewares department was larger, but not very well organized at all. I didn't see any bento boxes, but there were some stainless steel tiffin sets for $14.99. I pondered a long time before I decided not to buy the set. I'm holding out for the kind of bento box that I really want.

My friend told me at supper on Thursday that there was a brand new H Mart in the southern part of town -- looking it up online, sure enough there it sits in Riverdale. I didn't have time to go check it out, but I plan to do so one day next week.

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