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Bento shopping, redux

Steven was with me when I went to the Super H Mart in Riverdale. The bento shopping was much better here than in Duluth. The gift shop had at least 6 of them with Hello Kitty and other cartoon characters on the lids. These were very expensive, so I wandered over to the housewares section to see if there was anything there. Sure enough, I saw the same 3 bentos I had seen in Duluth and then found one more -- and this one I wanted to buy.

New bento supplies

I bought this two-tier box along with a couple of small containers and the cute chopstick rest.

Bunny Bento

The top tier of the box serves as the lid for the bottom tier. The dividers in the top tier are permanent; it will be interesting to see how easy (or difficult) this box will be to pack.

While I was looking at bento stuff, my husband was apparently looking at the rice cookers. When I told him that I was ready to leave, he asked if we should buy a rice cooker. I had intended to suggest this, but figured it might be a difficult task to convince him that it would be a good purchase. But, since he brought it up, I was immediately eager to say "yes".

We looked at various cookers, but finally decided on a Sanyo 3.5 cup model. With only three of us at home, we couldn't see any reason to buy the larger unit. We'll see over time if this is the right size for us.

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