gee_elsi (gee_elsi) wrote,

Rice cooker disaster

Hubby had the idea to buy a rice cooker -- which I was really excited about. Today was my first time to use it. While the result tasted good, it was rice mush, which wasn't what I intended.

Let me back up and tell the story from the beginning.

When I got up this morning, I decided to read through the entire instruction book before I cooked the first batch of rice. My cooker (the Sanyo 3.5 cup cooker) came with a plastic rice paddle and a measuring cup. I filled the supplied measuring cup and put the rice into the cooking pot and added water to the 3.5 cup line as indicated. Turned the cooker on and left it to do its thing. When the cycle was complete, I opened the cooker to find a very soft and wet mush. Hubby and I ate it anyway and other than needing some salt (the instructions didn't say to add any before cooking) it tasted OK.

Lunch; May 4, 2007

Do you see that the rice looks more like mashed potatoes than rice? So. I'm sitting there eating my lunch and wondering why the rice didn't come out right -- when it suddenly dawns on me. I had put in three times as much water as required! Duh! As if I didn't know how to cook rice in the first place.

After cleaning the rice cooker, I'm ready to try again -- this time with the proper ratio of rice to water.

Tags: cooking, food, lunch, rice

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