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Bento - 10 May 2007

Lunch; May 4, 2007

Since I was going into the office today, I packed a quick lunch—mostly from leftovers—and wrapped it up in a bandana that has been pressed into service as a furoshiki. I slid a pair of chopsticks and a plastic fork into the knot and proudly carried it into the office.

Lunch 2007-05-10

My lunch today consisted of the meal in the larger plastic box and an afternoon snack in the smaller Lock and Lock container.

Lunch: rice, beef with tomatoes, carrot sticks, strawberries, and black-eyed peas in vinaigrette. The rice was warm and everything was right out of the refrigerator when I packed it up. Except for a slight bit of condensation on the lid immediately over the rice, it held up very well until lunchtime. I didn't bother to warm up the meat or rice before eating. A small side dish (not shown) contained ranch dressing for me to drag the carrots through.

Note that I brought a chopstick rest so I would be able to politely lay down the chopsticks on my desk. Also, the two silicone containers are actually square cupcake cups, but they fit extremely well into the curved corners of the box.

Snack: A diced plum, walnuts, and some dried cranberries. I didn't work too hard to pack the snack box full, just tossed in what seemed to be the right amount for an afternoon snack.

My colleagues weren't quite sure what to make of the cloth-wrapped bundle. I typically put my bento into an insulated lunch box, but thought I'd use the furoshiki approach today.

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