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Advent 2

Yes, I know I didn't post a thing for the First Sunday of Advent. I barely got the Advent Wreath set up—I couldn't expect anything more from myself. I had to make a new Advent Wreath. Last year when I went to set up the wreath, I couldn't find the 5-candle holder that I had used for years & years. Seems that it got misplaced in the move. I'm sure it's in a box somewhere, but who knows where? I even searched online but couldn't find the same kind of candle holder and I had waited so late that I couldn't order even a second best replacement. I had to make do with a simple holly wreath and four votive candles

This year I got started earlier. The week following Thanksgiving, I hustled down to the local Catholic bookstore and bought a plain brass ring with 4 candle cups. ($4.95 plus tax) I also picked up a package of 4 tapers for $2.95. Then, I stopped in at Dollar General and purchased a 9 foot garland for $3. Wound the garland around the ring, set the candles into the cups, and Voila! a lovely Advent Wreath for 2007.