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Reading ... an update

One goal in 2008, like in previous years, is to keep a list of the books I read. The past two years, I've lost track around the middle of the year and never caught up. Maybe I can do better this year.

So far, these are the books I have finished reading:

  1. Victoria and the Rogue, Meg Cabot (1 January)
  2. Hand of Evil, J A Jance (2 January, library book)
  3. Adventures of an Ice Princess, Liz Maverick (4 January)
  4. 1st to Die, James Patterson (7 January)
  5. Labyrinth, Kate Mosse (7 January, audio book)
  6. Hang a Thousand Trees with Ribbons, Ann Rinaldi (10 January)
  7. Belarus, Lee Hogan (14 January)
  8. Enemies, Lee Hogan (16 January)

I swapped Hang a Thousand Trees with Ribbons in the January Teen/YA swap at BookObsessed, and I had already swapped Belarus and Enemies in the December SFF swap as TBRs. Now that I've finished reading both books, I need to mail them off to Shaunesay. Also, Adventures of an Ice Princess is offered in the January Chick Lit swap, so when that game is over, I'll need to mail it away.

I'm donating Labyrinth to the Sanger Public Library, and the rest of the books are available for swapping. I've listed all the paper books at BookCrossing, well except for the library book.