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Reading status

Books read so far this year:
  1. Victoria and the Rogue, Meg Cabot (1 January)
  2. Hand of Evil, J A Jance (2 January, library book)
  3. Adventures of an Ice Princess, Liz Maverick (4 January)
  4. 1st to Die, James Patterson (7 January)
  5. Labyrinth, Kate Mosse (7 January, audio book)
  6. Hang a Thousand Trees with Ribbons, Ann Rinaldi (10 January)
  7. Belarus, Lee Hogan (14 January)
  8. Enemies, Lee Hogan (16 January)
  9. Smuggler's Moon, Bruce Alexander (20 January)
  10. The Right Attitude to Rain, Alexander McCall Smith (22 January, audio book)
  11. Turquoise Girl, Aimee & David Thurlo (25 January)
  12. The Ruby Ring, Diane Haeger (31 January)
  13. The Changeling, Kate Horsley (8 February)
  14. You've Got Murder, Donna Andrews (9 February)
  15. You've Got Male, Elizabeth Bevarly (15 February)
  16. The Collectors, David Baldacci (16 February)
  17. Stone Cold, David Baldacci (19 February, Kindle)
  18. Stealing Shadows, Kay Hooper (22 February)
  19. Hiding in the Shadows, Kay Hooper (22 February)
  20. Sheepfarmer's Daughter, Elizabeth Moon (29 February, Kindle)
  21. Mrs. Jeffries Pinches the Post, Emily Brightwell (2 March)
  22. A Deeper Sleep, Dana Stabenow (3 March)
  23. Snow Ball, April L. Hamilton (3 March, Kindle)
  24. 2nd Chance, James Patterson (5 March)
  25. Liaden Universe Companion, Vol. 1, Sharon Lee and Steve Miller (10 March, Kindle)
  26. Thanksgiving, Janet Evanovich (12 March)
  27. Between, Georgia, Joshilyn Jackson (14 March)
  28. Maelstrom, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough and Anne McCaffrey (17 March, Kindle)
  29. Deluge, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough and Anne McCaffrey (21 March, Kindle)
  30. The Mirror of Fire & Dreaming, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni (25 March)
  31. Divided Allegiance, Elizabeth Moon (31 March, Kindle)
  32. The Careful Use of Compliments, Alexander McCall Smith (31 March, audio book)
  33. Because She Can, Bridie Clark (31 March)

That's 33 books in the first quarter, approximately 12,072 pages. I say "approximately" since some of the books are unabridged audio and others are eBooks read on my new Kindle. For these books, I used the page count from the mass-market paperback if the book is available in that format, or the hardback when the book is too new to be out in paperback.

Out of the 33 books, four of them qualify as Chunksters by having more than 450 pages. 1st to Die with 488 pages, The Collectors with 544 pages, Sheepfarmer's Daughter with 512 pages, and Divided Allegiance with 522 pages. Not bad in three months!

Breakdown by Genre:
  • Mystery: 13
  • Historical Fiction: 6
  • Science Fiction: 6
  • Chick Lit or Romance: 5
  • Fantasy: 3
  • Literature and Fiction: 3
  • Young Adult: 2
Yes, that's more than 33 because I counted some of the books in more than one genre.

Breakdown by Format:
  • Mass-market paperback: 14
  • Trade paperback: 7
  • eBook/Kindle: 7
  • Unabridged audio: 3
  • Hardback: 2
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