September 13th, 2009

Planning a vacation

I'm not much of one for a proper vacation or holiday. Most of the time when I take time off from work, it's for driving to/from some work-related event such as a conference or it's to visit friends and family. This year, Steven and I have scheduled a vacation trip to Ireland. We leave in 3 days and will be in Ireland for 14 days and 13 nights—fly/drive with no fixed schedule.

This whole thing came about because Jan and I have been plotting for years that we should try to live close together or even in the same house when we get to retirement. But, no matter how well we get along and enjoy each other's company, there are two husbands who would have to agree. So, we decided to take a two-week vacation together to see whether we can actually enjoy the close quarters and the give-and-take involved in driving around Ireland together.

Even this close to departure, we've made very few plans. We have tickets and a car reservation. I've booked a hotel in Dublin for the first night, and B&Bs for the next three nights. I even have some idea of things we will want to see the first couple of days as we drive from Dublin to Tullow to Waterford. But there's a lot more planning to be done.

So, I ordered 6 or 7 tourism books from and had them shipped to Jan's house in Richmond. Now that I'm here at her house, I'm trying to make time to browse through them and select some of the “don't miss” sights. I think that Jan and I will be spending quite a bit of time on Tuesday and Wednesday coming up with a rough outline of the rest of our stay.