September 25th, 2009

Ireland - Day 4

Yes, we're having so much fun that I'm finding it difficult to sit down and write about where we've been and what we've seen.

Sunday, 20 September 2009

Mrs. Cody offered a traditional Irish breakfast which Jan and Chris chose, while Steven decided to eat French Toast and an egg. I made do with cereal, toast, and a taste of the sausage from Jan's plate. Hoping to find some kind of Internet connection in a pub, cafe, or even one of those places selling Wi-Fi time, we headed into Waterford. I had noted that Christ Church Cathedral was a recommended site so we walked over to the building. When we got there, Mass was still going on and rather than wait for it to be over, we just wandered around the area.

Reginald's TowerThat wandering took us to Reginald's Tower. The admission charge was covered by the Heritage Cards we had bought on Thursday, so we asked for the guided tour. Our guide was marvelous. And, unlike Kilkenny Castle, there were no restrictions on photography. We probably should have taken many more pictures, but we were just caught up in the story he was telling about the tower.

Although we could have stayed much longer, everyone was beginning to think about lunch. As we were looking for some place to eat, I approached a man who was walking by and he recommended a nearby hotel which offered "an excellent carvery" for Sunday lunch. It was excellent. Chris, Steven, and I filled our plates from the salad bar and Jan got the roast beef with potatoes and veg.

Having eaten our fill, we continued toward New Ross and the JFK Memorial Park and Arboretum. Again, the admission fee was covered by the Heritage Cards. (Hmmm... these are good for 12 months. Wonder if I can talk Steven into a return visit next summer?)

Jan and Chris took the map and wandered around the grounds, while Steven and I checked out the Visitor's Center. We watched a short video about the establishment of the arboretum, how it is being used to study the effects of the environment on trees—and vice versa— and plans for the future. We also took in a small exhibition of local crafts including Irish lace-making.

Wandering over to the tea shop, we purchased a soft drink apiece and shared a piece of chiffon pie while watching children playing on the extensive grounds and playground equipment.