May 1st, 2010

Look Up, #1

May 1. May Day. Beltaine.

We're driving along I-40, heading west toward Las Vegas. We spent last night in Amarillo, TX, and are now just 15 miles west of Santa Rosa, NM. I think we'll probably go as far as Flagstaff, AZ, today and then continue on into Las Vegas tomorrow. My goal is to check into our hotel around 3pm.

The NaBloPoMo theme for May is “Look Up” and that is a very wide-open theme. Of course, when I saw the announcement in yesterday's e-mail, the sponsors had already come up with the two most obvious interpretations: looking up at the sky and looking up information. I guess I and several hundred other bloggers will be challenged to come up with other ways to interpret the theme this month.

But out here in New Mexico, the sky is definitely able to capture my attention. I wish I had the ability to take a 360-degree panoramic photo. What is quite impressive today is that there is a layer of cumulus clouds—those really fluffy clouds that sometimes bring rain. The sky below the clouds is a fine, clear blue; yet above the clouds the blue deepens and becomes even more intense. I took a few photos right through the windows of the car.

So for my first “look up” post, the midday sky gets all the attention.