May 3rd, 2010

Look Up, #3

Impact 2010 | IBM Software Conference | May 2-8 Las Vegas, NV This week is the IBM Impact Conference, a gathering of IBMers, Business Partners, consultants, and customers, which IBM says is "the Premier Conference for Business and IT Leaders". There's a lot going on all at the same time. Since I'm a techie, I'm mostly attending sessions in the Smart SOA and BPM Technology Program. Today, I've attended a session on REST and another on modern development technologies for mainframe programmers.

So, although I know quite a bit about developing applications for the mainframe and for CICS in particular, I'm not quite as conversant with the technologies for RESTful applications. So I've taken advantage of the provided Wi-Fi network to look up various terms which are being thrown out in the technical presentations. I knew a little bit about Atom, particularly since my blogs were producing Atom feeds for syndication. But, I needed to read a bit about the Atom Publishing Protocol to understand more about how Atom can provide data underneath a RESTful service. And, then the speakers started talking about the client side of the RESTful service and were referring to technologies that I knew nothing about: dojo and JSON; as well as some that I knew a little bit about such as XML and PHP.

While I won't become an expert in the course of a week, I know that I'm going to be looking up quite a bit this week.