May 7th, 2010

Look Up, #6

After the IBM Impact Conference ended this morning, we drove over to Hoover Dam to take a look at the new bypass. This gave me the opportunity to look up underneath the arch of the Colorado River Bridge.

The photo to the left was taken from Route 93 as we were driving to the dam from Las Vegas. It's a striking view and we're eagerly anticipating returning after the bypass has opened to traffic. We understand that there will be a pedestrian lane open and hope that we'll be able to stand on the bridge and view/photograph the dam and river from an even higher level.

From what we could see, the roadbed on the bridge is nearly finished.

The photo to the right was taken as we drove underneath the bridge on our approach to the dam from Las Vegas. I would have taken many more pictures, except the battery on my camera ran out shortly after we got to the Overlook Deck at the Visitor's Center. I figure our next visit will be a year from now when the Impact Conference will once again be held in Las Vegas. I'm looking forward to taking pictures from atop the Colorado River Bridge instead of from underneath it.

In addition to checking out the construction progress on the bypass, I really wanted to see the Visitor's Center. I remember when we brought the kids to see the dam—and took the detailed tour into the dam itself—sometime before the current Visitor's Center was constructed. Today, roughly 15 years after it was completed, Steven and I were finally able to view the exhibits in the Visitor's Center.

So, today's post is definitely about looking upwards.