May 8th, 2010

NaBloPoMo - Day 8

I'm feeling just a bit smug. I've actually followed through for 8 days in a row. I'm not confident that I'll actually post for 31 days, but at least I haven't fallen off the wagon yet. Of course, it's late each evening before I sit down to write my post, and I have to be careful with the date/time that LJ's editor is picking up from my laptop. You see, I never reset the clock in my laptop—it's always set to Dallas time, currently Central Daylight Time. But, since I'm presently in Las Vegas, the time where I am is Pacific Daylight Time, and therefore 2 hours earlier than LJ thinks it is.

So, it's 10pm while I'm working on my blog post for the day, but LJ has already rolled the clock over to tomorrow and if I posted without paying attention to the time, it would look like I had missed a day. And, I'm vain enough chasing after this National Blog Posting Month objective, that I really want to make sure that unless or until I give up, every post gets credited to the right day.

Saturday, 8 May 2010. What did I do today? Well, it was a lazy day. I read, and did a load of laundry, and ran to Target to get a pair of sunglasses. And discovered that I've lost my wedding rings. I've tried to think back through to all the places I've been in the past couple of days. I've called all but one restaurant and no one had found the jewelry. I just sent an e-mail to the one remaining restaurant, but I'm not holding out much hope.

I'll cry later.