May 10th, 2010

UP #7

I left home on 30 April and won't be home until 20 May, so I'm gratefully taking advantage of network access wherever I can find it. The first two and a half days, we were driving cross country from Dallas to Las Vegas, and I enjoyed using my aircard and netbook to stay in touch. Granted, it was nearly impossible to connect except when I was passing through a substantial-sized town, but the aircard certainly made up for the fact that I was spending 10+ hours in the car. And, we did stay overnight at hotels which offered free Wi-Fi access.

During the IBM Impact Conference, it was very easy to stay online. The conference itself offered Wi-Fi access while we were in the Sands Expo and Convention Center, and my hotel provided free Wi-Fi access. And then yesterday, I was staring at 14 hours in transit to get from Las Vegas to Poughkeepsie.

Steven dropped me off at McCarran International Airport at 8am and after checking in, I was thrilled to discover that the airport offers free Wi-Fi throughout the terminal. And then at 11:30, the airplane took off. Consigned to only offline activity until landing at DFW two and a half hours later. Although DFW doesn't offer free Wi-Fi, I did have time to go to the Admiral's Club and use the network there before my {delayed} flight took off to LaGuardia.

Lo and behold! I was able to check my mail and even post to my Reading Blog from 31,000 feet in the air courtesy of American Airlines and the Gogo Inflight Internet. The only consideration was having to decide whether or not it was worth the fee for three and a half hours of online access.

Sure. Even though there was no pressing business reason to be online, the sheer amusement factor made it all worthwhile. Here's to computing from UP in the air.