May 14th, 2010

Linking UP

Yeah, I had to stretch to come up with an UP theme to blog about today. But I think this one is actually pretty much on target. You see, this blogging stuff is strange. You can spend many many hours just following links from one blog to another. And it's even more easy when someone blogs on a meme or weekly theme and deliberately links their post to the blogs where others have posted on the same theme.

This morning, I posted—over on my Reading Blog—following the Friday Finds meme from MizB's blog. Then I linked my post to hers. Tonight, I see that DelGal has commented on my post, so of course, I hop back over to MizB's blog to see what other Friday Finds are linked and there I stumble across another meme: Thursday Thirteen. I'm really bummed that I didn't know about this one yesterday because I'd have had a ball blogging a Thursday Thirteen on the 13th of the month! Crud.