May 27th, 2010

Give UP

Yes, it's been 10 days since I last posted to this blog. I got tied UP at work and missed one day posting. Then I looked in the next day and felt bad because I had really intended to keep UP with posting every day in May. But because I felt bad, I didn't post. Then I had the long flight back home to Texas—and I slept most of the way instead of powering UP my laptop and using the in-flight Internet access. Then I spent the weekend playing with the babies and catching UP with everyone at home who I had missed so much. Then I take off on yet another road trip to San Antonio.

See? Once I had missed posting one day, it was so difficult to pick it back UP, so I just let things go and gave UP on NaBloPoMo posting for May.

While I'm sad that I didn't carry through for the entire month, I'm really quite pleased that I was able to sustain the effort for as many consecutive days as I did. The last time I tried for daily posting with the NaBloPoMo gang, I only made it for six days. I don't know that I'll go after this goal again anytime soon, but it has been fun.

I now return this blog to its normal programming.

Thursday Thirteen - Towns between San Antonio and home

I'm writing this post in the car as we drive from San Antonio to our home in Sanger. (Hooray for aircards and generous cellular data plans.) If you don't recognize those towns, they're in Texas. San Antonio is the home of The Alamo, and the location of the workshop I taught this week. Sanger is approximately 5.5 hours north of San Antonio, driving I-35 all the way. (OK. Yes, we had to pick either I-35W through Fort Worth or I-35E through Dallas at Hillsboro.)

This is my first Thursday Thirteen post and I thought it quite appropriate to list 13 towns between San Antonio and home—in the order that we drove through or by them.

Trip map from San Antonio to Sanger
  1. New Braunfels—founded in 1845 by German settlers, this quaint town maintains a delightful mix of the German heritage and wild Texas.
  2. San Marcos—bills itself as the gateway to Texas Hill Country.
  3. Austin—state capital and home to University of Texas and some mighty fine country music
  4. Round Rock—only a few miles north of Austin and a technology center with Dell as a major employer
  5. Georgetown—where this year's Festival of the Arts from 3-6 June will feature the music of Aaron Copland
  6. Salado—a tiny town that calls itself a village and “the best art town in Texas”
  7. Temple—hosting the Texas High School Bass Championship from 4-6 June
  8. West—yes, a town named “West”—billed as the Czech Heritage Capital of Texas
  9. Hillsboro—home of Willie Nelson and the Cell Block Museum
  10. Alvarado—the oldest town in Johnson County
  11. Burleson—free concerts on Friday nights and Farmer's Market every Saturday
  12. Fort Worth—city of Cowboys and Culture
  13. Denton—home of University of North Texas and Texas Womens University, with two of the three ALA accredited programs in Library Science in the state of Texas

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