April 15th, 2011

L is for Las Vegas

It's been a very busy week here at Impact in Las Vegas. I'm missing several posts and although I have thought about them, I didn't find the time to even make a cursory post, much less build the small scrapbook page. At any rate, here is yesterday's post for the letter “L”

I've been in Las Vegas all week attending IBM's Impact Conference. The conference was an excellent opportunity to learn more about CICS and related products from the WebSphere brand. Also, I was able to participate in a number of meetings with customers. A couple of the meetings even resulted in some good requirements for consideration in future releases of CICS. And, whenever I hear a requirement, I immediately start thinking about a temporary solution. All-in-all lots of learning and thinking this week.

Credits for supplies used in this layout:

M is for Mysteries

I read—a lot. A lot of books, in fact. I keep a record of the books over at Reading in Texas and occasionally blog about what I've been reading. Statistics show that about 1/3 the books I read each year are mysteries. In 2010, 48 of the 160 books I read were mysteries, and this year ... so far ... 15 of 44 books have been mysteries.

I like most types of mystery novels. I prefer cozy mysteries and crime novels. I try to avoid the really gory stories that verge on the horror genre. And though it's been a while since I read one, I also enjoy the international suspense novels.

It's approaching midnight and I wanted to get this A-to-Z post up before the day is over, but I'm tired. My flight from Las Vegas took off late due to high winds in Dallas and then we had to get some supper after Steven picked me up at the airport. So, scrapbook page to be posted tomorrow. For now, I'm heading to bed.