October 29th, 2011

What has Elsi been doing?

If it wasn't for Twitter and having my tweets relayed for daily posting, this blog would have very little content since July's Week in the Life Project postings. I still haven't completed the book I am making from my photos and the narratives that I posted on the blog, but it's on my list of things I want to do when I get a little bit more free time.

Over at Reading in Texas, I've been writing frequent posts as a result of the two Read-a-Thons I have been participating in. The first was Dewey's 24-hour Read-a-Thon which takes place twice a year in April and October. The second is Bout of Books, a week-long reading event with challenges and lots of camaraderie on Twitter. That blog, however, has been suffering from similar neglect with only a handful of posts between the April and October Read-a-Thons.

So what's the secret to regular blogging? I really don't know. I find that a particular project like the A-Z Challenge, the Read-a-Thons, and Week in the Life tend to keep me engaged and provide a framework for writing more regularly. With that in mind, I'm challenging myself to blog each day in November using prompts from 30 Days of Lists.