January 3rd, 2019

The challenges -- three days in



I'm back to my more usual pattern of skipping breakfast. I simply do not get up early enough to fix something to eat, and if I took the time to eat breakfast, I would be eating so late that I'd have to push lunch back much too late. However, even though I didn't eat breakfast and Steven had to fend for himself, I did fix a nice lunch for both of us. We didn't eat the same thing, but it was a good lunch any way. Steven had a grilled ham and cheese sandwich with chips and a mandarin orange. My lunch was a toasted cheese spread sandwich, green salad with tomatoes and almonds, and green grapes.

For supper, I warmed up some turkey drumstick meat to go with cornbread dressing, green beans, and left-over veggies from New Year's Day—mustard greens and field peas.


No particular pantry items used for lunch. I made the cheese spread earlier this week from pantry items and the almonds in my salad have been in my refrigerator since we moved all the food from my father-in-law's house. For supper, I had pulled a container of turkey drumstick meat and one of chicken broth from the freezer. The cornbread dressing was made with Hatch chili cornbread left over from New Year's Day (can you say “#nextover”?) and the thawed broth. As I mentioned above, I warmed up the vegetables left over from New Year's Day.