gee_elsi (gee_elsi) wrote,

MobileRead Meet Up

Yesterday's MobileRead Meet Up in Houston was delightful. My hubby drove me to Plano to catch up with Ralph Sir Edward and his brother Earl who had generously offered to let me ride down to Houston with them. We left Ralph's home at 11am and were at The Woodlands by 15:05. It then took us well over 20 minutes to find the Panera Bread cafe where we had agreed to meet. (Seems that Yahoo maps thought it was in the Target shopping center instead of being next to the Woodlands Mall, so we were driving around in the wrong area. A phone call to the cafe sorted all that out, though.)

As we approached the entrance to Panera, we saw a guy sitting at an outside table with a large poster bearing the MobileRead logo. We stopped, introduced ourselves, and met vivaldirules. He mentioned that he had heard a page saying the Ricky's food was ready, so he suspected that RickyMaveety was inside. Since I was in desperate need of a Diet Coke—well, a Diet Pepsi since this was Panera—we went on inside and place our orders. I wandered around the store until I spied Ricky—who had stopped at a table to chat with some law students.

We then staked out a couple of tables, brought out the reading devices, and then proceeded to really get to know each other.

Tags: books, kindle, mobileread, reading

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