gee_elsi (gee_elsi) wrote,

Blogging about books and reading

Phoenix detail from Aberdeen Bestiary Well, after ten hours or so, my Reading Blog has been revived. I had gotten lazy about keeping it up and had reverted to posting only an occasional entry over here in the LiveJournal. But it kept nagging at me until I buckled down and brought it up to date. I do not intend to post a book review for each and every book I read, but I do intend to keep it fresh.

One of the ways in which I will do this is to use the Booking Through Thursday prompts to supply a topic for reflection. I also want to leverage postings in my friends' blogs—maybe by providing my comments on a book they have reviewed.

I'll drop a small entry here after the Reading Blog has been updated so friends who are following me here will know there's something that might be interesting to read over there.

Tags: blogging, books, reading
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