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Travel woes

It's been an interesting week. I had to go to Las Vegas to speak at a conference where I was scheduled to lecture on Monday afternoon and Wednesday morning. My original plans were for my hubby and me to drive out to Las Vegas and then take vacation next week after the conference was over. Since I'm very allergic to perfumes and particularly the air fresheners they pump into the major casino hotels, I booked a room about 20 miles from the strip and Steven was going to drive me back & forth to the Convention Center so I could avoid the casino/hotel with all its smoke & fragrances. Then, a couple of weeks ago he had to back out because his mother was scheduled for surgery on Friday.

But I already had the room 'way down in Henderson. And 5 weeks ago, I got a minor break in my right ankle & it has been in a "space boot" kind of splint which means I can't drive. So, I was staying a long way from where the conference is being held and having to rely on taxis to go back & forth.

This morning my session was scheduled at 9 am, so I had planned to check out of my hotel around 7:30, go to the conference hotel for my lecture, and then go from there directly to the airport. But, I was running late and didn't get out until 8:15. I'm in the taxi—my suitcase in the back—and just as we turn off the 215 onto the Strip, I notice that I don't have my purse. And, without my purse, I can't pay the taxi driver. But there's not enough time to go back to my hotel to get my purse.

So, I called my hotel and they sent a housekeeper to look in my room; and they found my purse on the floor next to the desk where I had left it. I arranged for the taxi driver to go back to my hotel and get my purse, then come back to the Convention Center at 11 to pick me up and take me to the airport. And he volunteered to let me leave my suitcase in the back of his taxi so I wouldn't have to schlep it around the Convention Center.

What an adventure! Everything worked out. The taxi driver got paid for the two trips and for the side trip to pick up my purse, and I gave him a BIG tip to thank him for resolving everything with the least fuss and bother.

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