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On change, shopping, and weather

In yesterday's post, I moaned about a disruption in my schedule that meant I'd have to revise my menu plans for the week. So, in retrospect, maybe it's better to look at the positive aspect and congratulate myself for being adaptable and flexible. Or maybe it's spontaneity.

Since we needed to deliver a car to Ben—a loan so he'll have something to drive between selling his SUV and buying another vehicle—we went out to dinner and then shopping before driving back home. Dinner was at Red Hot & Blue where Steven got dry-rubbed ribs and I ate a pulled pork sandwich. Then, we dashed into Costco to pick up some fruit. I decided to pick up a new pillow as mine is very old and not comfortable any longer. And, since my pocket digital camera broke about 2 months ago, I thought I'd look at the selection available and see if I could find a replacement that I would be happy with ... and I did. I found a Canon SD890 which has all the features of the SD900 that broke, and a couple of extras. And, it uses the same battery, so now I have a spare battery and a spare charger. I need to read the user's guide to find out how to use the extra features; and I haven't figured out how to review the pictures with the LCD screen. I'm now ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

A front is coming through. The wind is really blowing strongly right now. Situated up here about 5 miles west of the lake, we tend to have a continuous light breeze, but this is forceful and loud. The plastic cover over the gas barbecue grill is flapping around and making quite a racket. How do I know? Because the windows are open. The house heats up each day as the late afternoon sun shines directly in the bank of windows in the family room. And each night, I notice that the house has retained that heat in spite of the fact that it has cooled off outside. (Typical temperatures at 11pm - 67 degrees outside, 79 degrees inside.) Last night, rather than turn on the air conditioning to cool down the house, I just opened the two windows next to where I was sitting. This morning, Steven opened two other windows to foster cross-ventilation and when the front showed up, we had gales through the house.

According to the local TV stations, this front brings much cooler weather and marks the end of our prolonged summer. The sky is full of dark grey clouds and we were hoping for some rain, but the wind seems to be moving them through too fast.


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    Mon, 09:43: And I’m waiting until kids return to schools.

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    Mon, 15:14: I'm starting this book tomorrow. The blurb is appealing and I'm looking forward to hearing other peoples' opinions……

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