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Menu Plan Monday #2

Menu Plan Monday

Last Week: the plan vs. the reality

After breaking down and participating in Menu Plan Monday, it seems appropriate to review the week's dinners against the plan. Last Monday, I put together a plan for the week. While we didn't follow it exactly, we did eat most of the meals as planned. Our dinners this week were:

  • Monday: exactly as planned.
  • Tuesday: as planned, we ate out, getting bar-be-que at Red Hot & Blue
  • Wednesday: instead of the planned chili and rice, we had hamburgers at Kincaid's for supper. I did serve the chili and rice at lunch since we were going to have to eat out again.
  • Thursday: roast chicken (an impulse buy at Costco on Tuesday evening), the left-over green beans, and left-over couscous turned into a grain salad similar to tabouli.
  • Friday: the pork cutlets (originally intended for Thursday), broccoli, and sage stuffing since I didn't have any cornbread stuffing in the house.

The plan for 27 October - 2 November

This week, I'll be flying to Chicago on Monday evening and returning to Texas on Wednesday evening, so I won't be making dinner plans for those nights. Steven will fend for himself while I'll be getting my evening meals in restaurants or the hotel. So here's what I think we'll be eating this week:

  • Monday: eat out
  • Tuesday: eat out (Steven may fix a sandwich at home)
  • Wednesday: eat out after Steven picks me up at the airport
  • Thursday: white chicken chili, cornbread muffins
  • Friday: Crockpot pork, noodles, spinach
  • Saturday: serendipity (decide later)
  • Sunday: Sloppy Josés, buns, Mexican cole slaw

On Wednesday night, I need to put the Great Northern beans to soaking so they can be cooked Thursday morning for the white chicken chili. I'll also freeze several portions of cooked beans to draw upon later—probably soups. Friday, I'll use the crockpot again to cook a medium-sized pork roast. We'll eat that plain on Friday evening, then I'll use a portion of the pork to make Sloppy Josés for Sunday night. Sloppy Josés are a Mexican-based version of Sloppy Joes. I build mine upon pulled pork, simliar to carnitas.


Sloppy Josés

2 pounds pulled pork
1 onion, finely chopped
1 cup mild taco sauce
4 oz. can diced green chiles

Cook onions in a small amount of olive oil (or use water for fat-free sautéing) until they are very soft. Stir in the rest of the ingredients and bring to a low simmer. Cook for at least 15 minutes to let flavors blend. If you want to simmer longer, you may need to add some water. I sometimes stick this in a small crock pot to keep it warm.

Serves 8

Tags: food, menu, recipe

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