gee_elsi (gee_elsi) wrote,

Election 2008

When we moved to Texas in 1992, I was really surprised to find out that the polls were open several weeks before election day. Back in Alabama and Florida, there were only two options if you couldn't get to your polling location on Election Day: request an absentee ballot at least a month in advance, or don't vote. This year, I discover that 31 states allow early voting. And, people have been going to the polls in record numbers. Here in the Dallas area, the first day of early voting saw very long lines, much to the surprise of election officials.

Today, someone sent me a link to this entreaty on You Tube:

Turns out that this video is part 2, posted on 29 October. The first one was posted to You Tube on October 1 to encourage people to register. Apparently it was very successful.

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