gee_elsi (gee_elsi) wrote,

A last, small bit of domesticity

There's a version of myself that is very, very domestic. Her house is spotless and totally uncluttered. She cooks from scratch three meals a day. She uses only the freshest, healthiest foods and makes her own "convenience foods" instead of buying mixes and prepared goods.

I am reconciled that I will never be that person. I'm sitting at my dining table which is still covered by the bright red table cloth from last Christmas. Next to me are an organizer (last used in April), six mailing envelopes from books received in this week's mail, my Kindle, and miscellaneous electronic parts and pieces (USB cable, Blackberry, USB hard drive, etc.). At the far end of the table are three stacks of my clothes from last week's laundry. (No sense putting them away since they'll be going into the suitcases for my month-long trip starting on Monday morning, right?)

But, I have been doing a few things that—for me—are well beyond the ordinary. For the past two weeks, I've been trying to fix meals at home instead of eating out as much as we had been doing. By creating menu plans in advance, I've been able to eliminate about half the restaurant meals that we had been eating. We're still eating out more than I'd like, but small progress is better than none. And, along with the dining-in goes more cooking. I've been able to follow this week's meal plan pretty well, given that Monday-Wednesday I was traveling. I didn't make the chicken white chili on Thursday since I though Paul was coming over to help me repack boxes that have been stored in the garage and I had promised to take him to Babe's as payment. When he backed out at lunch time, it was too late to make the chili since I hadn't soaked the beans ahead of time. So, I served baked potatoes and the left-over chicken fajita meat that I had brought home from Uncle Julio's Wednesday night. On Friday, I had both crock-pots going. The beans were in the small one, and a pork roast was in the larger one. We had pork roast and mixed vegetables for supper on Friday, and I had a small serving of the beans while Steven had bread and butter. I then put the beans up in three portions, each about the amount that would be in one can of beans. Two went into the freezer and one into the 'fridge to be turned into chili for tonight's dinner. I put one large portion of the pork directly into the freezer and the rest in the 'fridge. After I make the Sloppy Josés for tomorrow's supper, I'll freeze the rest of the pork.

I ran out of sweet quick bread mix, so today I'm making a new batch. I bought flour and sugar Thursday afternoon, but I didn't realize that I was out of baking powder and baking soda. (Yes, it's been a long time since I baked.) I'm going to dash up to the local grocery in a little while and pick those up. Once I have the mix made, I'm turning three over-ripe bananas into banana bread. One loaf will go into the freezer for later and I'll leave the other for Steven to enjoy this next week.

And, since the state of the dining table is bugging me, I'm going to snatch the red table cloth off and run it through the washer with the two red shirts that have been waiting to be laundered. That's about all the domesticity I can stand for one day!

Tags: cooking

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