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Fortune Cookie #1

We ate our first Chinese lunch of the new year, and as is customary, we were presented with fortune cookies at the end of the meal. Since I find it difficult to maintain any regularity with posts to the blog, I thought I might use fortunes as a starting point throughout 2009.

Today's fortune reads:

Focus in on the color yellow tomorrow for good luck!

Fortunately, I have a lot of yellow shirts, but why is yellow associated with good luck?

To answer that question, I turned to our good friend Google search.

I started with a simple query—yellow for luck—and quickly found an intriguing article from the Tampa Tribune telling me that I could have had good luck by wearing yellow underwear on New Year's Day. According to the article, in many Spanish-speaking countries, wearing yellow panties into the New Year will bring wealth and luck. It further states that the tradition can be traced back to Spain in the Middle Ages, when it was forbidden to wear bright colors. The people believed wearing yellow would bring them good fortune, so they wore the color underneath their clothes. But that's a Hispanic tradition, so why would my Chinese fortune cookie tell me to wear yellow? More searching...

Hmmm... this looks promising. R M Pinay says that according to Feng Shui yellow is the lucky color for 2009. She bases that on computation that the Earth element defines the most auspicious or luckiest feng shui colors and materials for 2009. But surely the restaurant didn't get all new fortune cookies for 2009. I kept searching and couldn't find a definitive source for yellow being a particularly lucky color.

But, I did find a couple of horoscope sites that will help you compute your personal lucky color. Let's see ... according to one site, as a Taurus, my lucky colors are blue, pink, and green and my gemstone is sapphire. But according to another, my lucky color is green, probably because it says my birthstone is emerald. Well, given that I was born in May and Taurus covers 9 days in April and 21 days in May, it makes sense that emerald would be the birthstone if the traditional birthstones are related in any way to horoscopes. According to Chinese astrology, my birth year says I was born under the sign of the Tiger. Ewyen Mihn says that the lucky gemstone for the sign of the Tiger is the sapphire, and that's a blue stone. Lastly, Henri Pierre's daily horoscope for Taurus says that today's lucky color is red. I guess I'd have to check tomorrow to see if he thinks yellow would be my lucky color.

So, other than total randomness, there doesn't seem to be any basis for recommending that I wear yellow tomorrow for good luck, but it certainly cannot hurt. And the research was lots of fun.

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