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Fortune Cookie #2

Hey! Fortune Cookies make excellent springboards for journaling and blogging. I think I'll keep the little slips of paper and reuse them for journaling prompts some time.

Our second Chinese meal of 2009 was last night at Chinatown Cafe in Denton. We ate from the buffet, and I'm really enjoying the braised baby bok choy which was recently added to their menu. I miss the sauteed spinach and mushrooms that it has replaced, though. One reason why this is my favorite Asian restaurant in the area is because they offer lots of vegetables and a good variety of them.

So, last night's fortune reads:

This year your highest priority will be your family.

Since the family has always been a high priority, so I'm not sure what changes to anticipate. Perhaps we will see each other more often.

Our kids still live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Daughter Jaime lives about 15 miles south of us and she teaches in the next town north, so on her daily commute, she passes with 2.5 miles of our house. This nearness means that we tend to see her at least once per week, often when we meet for a meal. The boys are sharing our former house in Grapevine, about 40 miles from where we now live. Even though they are close by, we don't actually see them more than once every month or so. Since their house is very close to the airport, Dad will sometimes drop by for a short chat on the days he takes me to catch a flight or when he picks me up.

My sisters live in Virginia and Florida. All the nieces and nephews on this side of the family live in Virginia, so when we get to Virginia, we get to see a large chunk of my family. Steven's parents live about an hour away, but his brothers are in NYC and Las Vegas. Distance plays a big role in how often we get together. And, my business travels often take me to major cities such as NYC, Vegas, Orlando, or DC—making it possible for me to squeeze in a quick visit with family who live nearby.

One thing I should probably strive to do is increase the frequency and quality of e-mail communication. I know better than to aim for traditional letters; even if I were to actually write one, I would probably age it to perfection in an unstamped envelope rather than getting it promptly into the mail. And, now that Evelyn has found this blog, perhaps it will serve as a way of letting the family know what we're up to. But this needs to be a two-way street. I want to know what they are doing as well.

OK—time to get out of the LiveJournal editor and think about an e-mail to send to family near and far to open new channels of communication.

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