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Opening up the Kindle?

Joe Wilkert has written a thought-provoking article on his blog:
Joe Wikert's Kindleville Blog: All Kindle, All the Time: Why Is Everyone Stuck in 1980's Thinking?  One idea that caught my attention was "Why in the world won't Amazon open the Kindle platform to third-party developers?! I wish I could configure my Kindle so that every purchase I make and every sample I downloaded would be auto-Twittered. Heck, Amazon acts as if Twitter doesn't even exist, so the thought of auto-Twittering is completely foreign to us Kindle owners. That's just one great example of the add-on application ecosystem that would develop if Amazon would just open their API to developers."  Now that's a cool idea.  Actually, since I rarely purchase books through the Kindle, what I'd like to have is an option to auto-Tweet each time I start a new book or finish reading one.

In the comments, Andy Rathbone made this point: "Amazon's footing the bill for the communication stream. They don't want a developer to add an e-mail program, auto-tweeter, weather gadget, or anything else that grabs bandwidth." That is a very good point, but could be overcome by an update to the Kindle which restricts the use of the Kindle's wireless for anything other than Amazon-promoted usage unless one has purchased a subscription for additional bandwidth. I'd think that Amazon could offer this at a very reasonable price of under $5 per month.
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