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Every day in June

I've challenged myself to blog every day in June. No, not here! If I were going to blog every day in June in my LiveJournal account, I'd already be 4 days behind. What I'm doing is posting one entry every day in my reading journal. I've made a good start, and have started writing ahead with two partially written posts stored as drafts.

June 1 — Kindle: Wishlists

I started off the month by talking about how I use two functions provided by to identify books that I want to get to read on my Kindle. These complement the formal wishlist I maintain at BookCrossing.

June 2 — Cheap is good; free is better

Since I bought my Kindle, I've taken advantage of special deals and freebies which have been offered by authors and publishers. In this post, I review some of the free and cheap books being offered in the month of June.

June 3 — Kindle: Save For Later

Bouncing off of Monday's post, I described Amazon's “Save For Later” feature for the Kindle and listed some of the books that are on my list.

June 4 — BTT: Sticky

Keeping up with this challenge is going to be made easier due to the weekly prompt posted at Booking Through Thursday. Each week, I won't have to struggle to come up with a topic to write about, I can just go see what the meme for the week is. This week, Laura asks us to think about “sticky books”—those books that are unforgettable and stick with you.

June 5 — Book swapping -- an update

And today, I talked about some swap books that arrived in the mail yesterday. I am not lacking for books to read—neither paper books nor electronic ones—but I still thrill over new books. Erm. Not “new”, but as NBC said one summer, “if it's new to you...”

If you read this blog, please hop over to the reading blog to see how I'm doing with my challenge. I'm sure I'll post here periodically—particularly when I want to say something about a subject other than books!

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