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Ireland—Day 5

Monday, 21 September, 2009

Finally some time to catch up on documenting our trip—of course we're coming to the end of it.

On Monday morning, we checked out of Glendale House Farm B&B after another generous breakfast provided by Mrs. Cody. We had enjoyed our stay, but the lack of Internet access there and our inability to find a public Wi-Fi site in Waterford or New Ross made us anxious to move on. I made sure that the sites I was booking from now on advertised Wi-Fi availability.

From Glenmore, we drove south and west to Kinsale by way of Dungarvan, Youghal, Ardmore, and Cobh. We stopped at a small woolen/knitting shop along the road and had a nice look around at the lovely sweaters for sale. Many were in Aran cable patterns and Jan wound up buying a sweater for Alex before we left.

Dungarvan Castle Several guide books recommended taking the short tour of Dungarvan Castle due to its unusual design. The castle was constructed in the 12th century, changed hands frequently, and by the 18th century was being used to house British troops. Apparently the wooden barracks within the castle's courtyard were burned in 1922 when the British removed from the site. A portion of the barracks have been restored and now serve as the Visitor Center.

Just as we were coming into Youghal, we pulled off on a small road next to the coastline. We took pictures and just enjoyed the stiff wind blowing off the water. I needed to find a Post Office or at least a postal drop box, so we asked the GPS unit to help us drive to the Post Office. I stepped inside to discover that they wouldn't accept stamped mail over the counter; I had to put the cards into the drop box outside. But I did ask the lady how to pronounce the name of the town. She said "yawl". Yep. Can you believe that "Youghal" is pronounced exactly the same as "y'all" which I grew up with all my life.

Annie Moore statue in CobhAt Cobh, we spent some time at the Cobh Heritage Center. I had heard about the statue of Annie Moore which is located there. We browsed through the various shops and then got back on the road toward Kinsale. Having missed lunch, we pulled in to the Five Mile Inn (which I think is in the town/village of Five Mile Bridge) and ate a very early supper. By 5:30, we had checked in at Rivermount House and had met our hostess, Clare O'Sullivan. We were quite excited to have Internet access again, so we all caught up on e-mails and various web sites.


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