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Ireland—Day 6

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Even though I'm not much of one for breakfast, I could get used to having someone cook it for me every morning! There were quite a few people staying at Rivermount House, and Mrs. O'Sullivan has several ladies in to help with breakfast and cleaning the rooms. We ate a leisurely but filling breakfast and then finished up a bit of Internet stuff before getting into the car and heading into Kinsale for the day. Our first objective was for Jan & Chris to drop off their washing at a laundry and then catch the walking tour which left from the Tourist Info center around 11:15.

Don Herlihy leading the tourOur tour guide was Don Herlihy and he spun a lively story about the history of Kinsale and particularly the use of the harbor during wars and rebellions in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. He recommended that we visit Charles Fort in the afternoon and I'm very glad we followed his advice. But first ... lunch!

Someone had recommended Fishy Fishy Cafe which was located a couple of blocks from the Tourist Info center and just a short distance from the quay-side road. The prices were a bit higher than we had been paying, but it was a restaurant and not just a pub or bistro. I ordered the Mushroom and Herb Risoto which was very good, while Steven ate the "Fresh Local Prawn Scampi" which was fried shrimp.

Charles Fort, Kinsale, Co. Cork Now it was time to drive up to Charles Fort to look around. It was yet another property and tour covered by the Heritage Cards we had purchased, Again, we availed ourselves of the guided tour. Our guide took us all over the fort explaining the construction, modifications, and use of the massive star-shaped fort.

Heading back into Kinsale, Chris picked up the clean clothes and we returned to Rivermount House with cheese, fruit, wine, and chocolates to have a quiet picnic before retiring for the night.


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