gee_elsi (gee_elsi) wrote,

Journal pages uploaded

After seeing Ian's journal pages drawn with metalic gel pens on black paper, I decided that I really wanted one for myself. I don't draw very well, so I've been exploring things to put on my pages that will "pop" as dynamically as Ian's drawings.

On October 2, we sat in the living room and watched Auburn trounce Tennessee. I grabbed the Pentel Milky gel pens and scribbled out an AU in blue and orange (such as they were).

On the fourth, we were awakened in the early hours with a violent thunderstorm. My commute to the office was dreadful between the rain, traffic, and lane closures due to construction. So, after I got home, I thought it appropriate to journal with suns. The two sun images are rub-ons from a package by Chartpak. Words written with the Pentel Milky gel pens.

Tags: journal, journals

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