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First Angel Food pickup

I just got in from my pickup. Received the signature box with substitution of beef stroganoff instead of lasagna, so that will mean an adjustment in my plan for Wednesday. The "dessert item" in the signature box was a sweet potato pie, and I'm not sure when I'll fix that. As you might notice from the posted meal plans, we're not really big on desserts. Grandma has already been asked to bring pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, so we won't need sweet potato pie as well. Hubby took one look at the "Sugar Rings" cereal that they were about to put into my basket and asked "can't we just leave that here?" The Angel Food volunteer was OK with that and set the box aside to add to the food pantry for the needy. I had been worried about the cereal any way and had come up with ways to use it crushed in toppings for apple/pear crisp and berry crumble rather than eating it in a bowl with milk. I can just use the corn flakes or Cheerios that hubby keeps in the pantry for his breakfasts.

The Thanksgiving box contained an iced lemon loaf cake as it's dessert item. The roasting hen was HUGE, and I mean really HUGE. It's easily the size of a small turkey. The only disappointment was in the produce box—Special #4 Fruit and Veggie box. It contained one badly damaged Bosc pear and 3 Bartlett pears instead of the 4 Bosc pears that were expected. There were only 4 sweet potatoes—really big ones—which relieved some of my anxiety about whether we were going to have 'way too many sweet potatoes this month. I really was having trouble envisioning 3 pounds of sweet potatoes. The Idaho potatoes are small. I may adjust my plans for those meals where I thought we might have baked potatoes. Hubby was glad to see that apples were Red Delicious, which are his favorites.

All-in-all, I think that the quantity and quality looks satisfactory. We'll want to eat several meals before we decide whether to order next month or not.

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