gee_elsi (gee_elsi) wrote,

Road Trip; Again

Hubby and I are fond of road trips. This one started at 15:45 this afternoon. I finally had my suitcase packed; a dozen books stowed in the back of the car; laptop computer, netbook and Kindle settled around my feet; and a bit of crocheting tucked behind my seat. After setting the alarm on the house, we backed out of the garage and headed for the Interstate. Of course, I had “just one little errand” to take care of before we hit the highway. I needed to hurry to the Post Office before they closed at 16:00 to mail four books to members of my online book swapping group at BookObsessed. We made it with 5 minutes to spare and my books were on their way to their next owners.

We arrived in Vernon (TX in case you didn't realize that I live in Texas) around 18:45 and stopped at a pretty good BarBeQue place. I ordered the chopped pork and Hubby selected the sliced brisket. Mine was pretty good and he was quite pleased with his, saying that it was very moist and flavorful. The meat was served with a slice of Texas toast and then we chose our side dishes from a cold and hot buffet. Green beans, mashed potatoes, and fried okra—yumm!

It's 20:22 and we're still on the road; maybe 90 miles southeast of Amarillo. Sun is on the horizon and dropping so fast that you can actually see the orb disappear behind the distant trees. It won't be long before the sky darkens and night arrives for real. I think we might press on to Amarillo, unless Hubby starts feeling a lot more tired after dark. I think the lights of oncoming cars bother him, because he doesn't enjoy driving for very long at night.

We're on our way to Las Vegas. Sounds like fun, right? Actually this is a business trip for me. But since Hubby's brother lives in Las Vegas, I convinced him that we should drive out instead of me taking a flight and going by myself. So Hubby will goof off during the day and act as my chauffeur morning and evening! I'm sure we'll plan dinner one evening with his brother's family. And then, when the conference that I'm attending is over, we'll have almost 2 days to relax together before he puts me on a plane to New York City. He will then have to drive back home to Texas alone.

And now that I have a network connection, I can post this at approximately 21:45.


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