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Look Up, #2

I had every intention of finding some interpretation of "Look Up" for today's post which didn't involve the sky. But I was compelled to stick with the sky when we came down to breakfast to find that there was lots of white stuff falling out of it. Yes, on the second day of May, it was snowing. Of course, we were in Flagstaff, AZ, at something like 7500 feet above sea level, so it makes sense that snow might not be so unusual. For us flat-landers—and Southerners at that—it was mind-bending.

I had fun trying to take pictures of the snow falling and finally resorted to taking some short videos. This stuff was coming down pretty thick and fast, with fat and fluffy flakes. It wasn't sticking to the ground around our hotel, but as we got out onto I-40 heading west, we could see a slight accumulation on the sides of the road. We were definitely looking up into the sky today.

We drove in the falling snow for about 30 miles and then it just abruptly stopped.

Here's 7 seconds of snow falling at our hotel:

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