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Reading in November

I had such hopes for reading in November. What with lots of travel (time to read on the airplane) and a holiday, I thougt I'd get more books completed. Instead, I wound up bogged down in Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. I'm enjoying the book, but between the size (over 900 pages) and complexity (footnotes galore), it's taking forever to finish it.

Here's the list of books which I read this past month. Eleven. Not bad, all-in-all. And these are eleven of 130.

  1. "R" is for Ricochet
  2. Reefsong
  3. The Stone Prince
  4. Lake News
  5. Protector of the Small: First Test
  6. Skipping Christmas
  7. The Sunday Philosophy Club
  8. Protector of the Small: Page
  9. The Shadow of Venus
  10. Trace
  11. Protector of the Small: Squire
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    Thu, 10:32: Twitter tells me that I signed up 13 years ago. I don’t post often, but I certainly read various posts. #MyTwitterAnniversary

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    Mon, 09:43: And I’m waiting until kids return to schools.

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    Mon, 15:14: I'm starting this book tomorrow. The blurb is appealing and I'm looking forward to hearing other peoples' opinions……

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