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Give UP

Yes, it's been 10 days since I last posted to this blog. I got tied UP at work and missed one day posting. Then I looked in the next day and felt bad because I had really intended to keep UP with posting every day in May. But because I felt bad, I didn't post. Then I had the long flight back home to Texas—and I slept most of the way instead of powering UP my laptop and using the in-flight Internet access. Then I spent the weekend playing with the babies and catching UP with everyone at home who I had missed so much. Then I take off on yet another road trip to San Antonio.

See? Once I had missed posting one day, it was so difficult to pick it back UP, so I just let things go and gave UP on NaBloPoMo posting for May.

While I'm sad that I didn't carry through for the entire month, I'm really quite pleased that I was able to sustain the effort for as many consecutive days as I did. The last time I tried for daily posting with the NaBloPoMo gang, I only made it for six days. I don't know that I'll go after this goal again anytime soon, but it has been fun.

I now return this blog to its normal programming.