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I've been reading

I've been reading and thinking about reading this week. I have a couple of books that I need to finish to meet some deadlines. So of course, I'm looking for anything else to read. I can't explain why, other than the fact that these particular books are not holding my attention and so I keep looking at them as obligations instead of pleasure. The funny thing is that in most cases, once I buckle down and read them, I remember them as some of the most delightful books I've read.

I keep track of all the books that I read, so it's easy to look back and see how many books I've read each month. It also helps me keep up with how far I've read into various series. I can also compare year-to-year and I see that I'm reading just a wee bit more this year than I had by the same time last year. At the end of May 2009, I had read 19,920 pages in 61 books. This year, I've read 20,107 pages in 63 books.

Here it is the 4th of the month and I finally added another title to my list. I'm going to post more about it on my reading blog, but I'm playing with it in a swap at BookObsessed and it hasn't been revealed yet, so I'm having to hold off on posting a review.

In the meantime, courtesy of Book Blogger Hop I've been running around the blog-o-sphere checking out other people's blogs about reading. If you like books and like to see what other people are reading, hop along with me. If you blog about books, then consider joining the hop yourself. Leave a note here if you're participating in the Hop and I'll make a point to visit your blog over the week-end.

But now, it's late and I've got a lot of reading to do, so I'm going to quit writing and get on with it. Since I'm trying to stick with daily blogging for an entire month—encouraged by NaBloPoMo, I'll be back tomorrow.

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    Thu, 10:32: Twitter tells me that I signed up 13 years ago. I don’t post often, but I certainly read various posts. #MyTwitterAnniversary

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    Mon, 09:43: And I’m waiting until kids return to schools.

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    Mon, 15:14: I'm starting this book tomorrow. The blurb is appealing and I'm looking forward to hearing other peoples' opinions……

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