gee_elsi (gee_elsi) wrote,

New Year; New Hairstyle

As 2010 came to an end, I decided that it was time to cut off my hair! The earliest appointment I could book was on 6 January, so yesterday afternoon, I headed out to my local hair styling salon and put myself at Carol's mercy.

After taking a photo of my waist-length hair, she secured my hair just below where she planned to make the cut. A quick braid and hair-band at the bottom, and the excess hair was confined and ready to mail off to Locks of Love. In less than a minute, the deed was done and I was holding the braid in my hands.

Next up was to shape the short hair into a style that I hoped would be fairly easy to maintain. As I explained to my hairdresser, I'm not a morning person and I do not look forward to having to spend 30+ minutes in the mornings fixing my hair. The closer it is to "comb and go", the better I will like it. (After all, that was one advantage to having long hair; it took me less than 5 minutes to brush out the tangles and twist it up into a simple bun.)

After cutting and shaping, Carol then applied color. I didn't really want to make a significant change to my hair color—rather, I wanted to recolor the grey and give my hair more overall liveliness. We picked a warm blonde shade with a small amount of red for the primary color and the blonde by itself for highlights. Carol said she used a "weave" technique in applying the highlights. The result is totally natural looking. I'm really pleased with the color and I think I'll get more comfortable with the style over time.


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