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On Love ...

Over the weekend, I received an e-mail from our corporate IT department telling me that I had too much mail stored on the servers and I needed to purge or archive those messages that I no longer needed. So I took an hour today to go through lots of messages from my friend Jim. 99% of what Jim sends me are forwarded notes with jokes or things that make you think. I couldn't just delete these messages in bulk; I wanted to quickly scan through them and decide whether to forward them to my personal e-mail or just delete them after reading. Turns out that this was a very good idea, because I stumbled across a list of 45 life lessons which were originally published in The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, OH).

What caught my attention was #34, “God loves you because of who God is, not because of anything you did or didn't do.” Such a profound thought and one that is rarely voiced, even in churches. I know that I was taught the doctrine of Grace, but it didn't grab—and hold—my attention the way this particular phrasing of the concept has done.

And here I sit, knowing that I'm going to look the loves in my life in a completely different way.

Interestingly, the list as it came to me purported to be from a 90-year-old woman. But a search of the Internet found that it was originally published by columnist Regina Brett when she turned 45. She updated the list with five additional lessons and published the new list just after her 50th birthday. Another blogger corresponded with Ms. Brett after he received the same e-mail and received permission to pass along her list. I heartily recommend you read the list. You might find a life-changing idea as well.


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