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A is for April and Abecedary

It's April 1 and time to start the A to Z Blogging Challenge. So, I'm to post something on my blog every day in April except for Sundays. And since that's 26 posts, that's one for each letter in the alphabet. I haven't decided on an overriding theme, so I guess I'll play it by ear.


So for this post, two words beginning with “A” seemed to be appropriate. April because this is a challenge which will run the entire month of April, and Abecedary because the challenge is related to the alphabet. (An abecedary is a primer, especially for teaching the alphabet. It's also the term for inscriptions consisting of the letters of the alphabet.)

I decided that following in the spirit of Project 365, I would create a small scrapbook layout—in a brag-book format—for each letter and each day. I'll include photos taken that day to record the events of each day, important or trivial.

Today is a Friday of Lent and therefore a day of abstinence from meat. So, Steven and I went to the Outback for supper. I had intended to take a photo of my salmon, but I was so hungry that I practically inhaled it, so all I wound up with was a picture of the empty plate!

I've made a start on this month-long challenge. Here's to A, the letter of beginnings.

Credits for digital scrapbooking supplies used in this layout:



D. Heath

I'll be looking for to your pictures! Reading this has made me a bit hungry for some reason...lol.

Social Science Medley (http://www.socialsciencemedley.com/)